CloudFlare cloudflare js challenge vs Google captcha
What do the CloudFlare CAPTCHA and Challenge pages look like for users?

In the CloudFlare Web Application Firewall you are able to block, whitelist, CAPTCHA, or JavaScript Challenge traffic based on IP address, country name, or ASN. The only note provided on the CAPTCHA section is:

cloudflare js challenge

CloudFlare added another option to their Firewall section called JavaScript Challenge,
which will display a loading page with three animated dots for up to 5 seconds:

It appears to also use cookies to save the results and allow future access without re-testing.
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java script bots
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here was the guidance i received from cloudflare tech support: "The javascript challenge is unable to be completed by bots/crawlers as the challenge requires javascript to complete (only browsers can complete this) which means both challenges should work here."

Google captcha