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    Facebook Disable page Comments

    Facebook Disable page Comments
    How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook Post - How To Disable Comments on a Facebook Page

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    Turn Off Comments On Facebook Post Using Facebook Moderation

    Using the Facebook moderation tool, you can get rid of a majority of such comments. Head over to your Facebook Page settings > General > Page Moderation. Now add common symbols such as "." and words like "to," "you," etc., to the forbidden keyword list in your Facebook page administration.

    P.S. It will turn off commenting for all such comments on all your Facebook posts and ads altogether.
    But if you only want to turn off comments on a few posts & ads while continuing engagement on your other content, the following method will work for you.


    How to Use the Filter

    1. Settings

    From your Facebook page, you have to locate the page Settings.

    2. Page moderation

    From there you go to the General tab. You then locate the section titled Page Moderation. Click on the Edit link.

    3. Keyword List

    A box will appear which should already contain some banned words. If it doesnt, thats ok. Youll be adding your own soon.

    This is where you can start adding words to the forbidden list. You can type them in or you can upload a .txt file that contains words you want to hide.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    The advantage of using the filter to disable comments is that you can keep your page clean and non-controversial.
    The downside is that this disables almost all incoming comments if you have a big list of keywords. You cant disable comments for specific posts only. Youll have to read comments one after another to decide which ones you want to show.

    Another minor downside is that the filter doesnt work for Facebook groups or personal profile pages.



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