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​ Enable Bot Fight Mode

​ Enable Bot Fight Mode

Bots currently detected

The table below lists a sample of known bots that Firewall Rules currently detects. When traffic comes from these bots and others not listed, the field is set to true.
Bot Description
ahrefs Ahrefs SEO bot
apple Applebot is the web crawler for Apple, for products like Siri and Spotlight Suggestions bots
baidu Baidu search engine bots
better uptime Bot for monitoring website uptime
bing Bing search engine bots
feedbin bots
google Google search engine bots
grapeshot Grapeshot (Oracle) SEO bots
linkedin LinkedIn bots bots
naver Naver (South Korean) search engine bots
pingdom monitoring bots
pinterest Pinterest bots
seznam Seznam search engine bots
sogou Sogou search engine bots
uptimerobot Uptime Robot monitoring bots
yahoo Yahoo! search engine bots
yandex Yandex search engine bots