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    WordPress Aramex Shipping Cities drop down

    WordPress Aramex Shipping Cities drop down
    Aramex: ERR52 - Destination Address - City name is invalid (s

    CountryCode Entity District/Region/Government CityName_En CityNam_Ar
    EG CAI Sharqia 10Th Of Ramadan City
    EG CAI Cairo 15 Of May City 15
    EG CAI Cairo Abasya
    EG CAI Giza Abo Rawash
    EG CAI Qaliubia Abu Zaabal
    EG CAI Giza Agouza
    EG CAI Cairo Ain Shams
    EG CAI Red Sea Al Arish
    EG CAI Giza Al Haram
    EG CAI Gharbia Al Mahala
    EG CAI Cairo Al Marg
    EG CAI Cairo Al Matarya
    EG CAI Al Menofiah Al Menofiah
    EG CAI Giza Al Monib
    EG CAI Beheira Al Nobariah
    EG CAI Qaliubia Al Obour City
    EG CAI Qaliubia AL Qanater
    EG CAI South Sinai Al Tour City
    EG CAI Giza Al Wahat
    EG CAI Giza Al Waraq
    EG CAI Cairo Al Shorouk
    EG CAI Giza Alex Desert Rd.
    EG CAI Alexandria Alexandria
    EG CAI Assiut Assiut
    EG CAI Aswan Aswan
    EG CAI Giza Atfeah
    EG CAI Cairo Attaba
    EG CAI Alexandria Awaied-Ras Souda
    EG CAI Cairo Badr City
    EG CAI Giza Badrashin
    EG CAI Giza Bahtem
    EG CAI Bani Swif Bani Swif
    EG CAI Giza Bargiel
    EG CAI Qaliubia Beigam
    EG CAI Sharqia Belbis
    EG CAI Daqahlia Belqas
    EG CAI Qaliubia Benha
    EG CAI Al Menofiah Berkeit Sabb
    EG CAI Giza Bolak El Dakrour
    EG CAI Alexandria Borg Al Arab City
    EG CAI Cairo Cornish El Nile
    EG CAI South Sinai Dahab City
    EG CAI Giza Dahshour
    EG CAI Beheira Damanhour
    EG CAI Cairo Dar El Salam
    EG CAI Kafr Al Sheikh Desouk
    EG CAI Giza Dokki
    EG CAI Cairo Down Town
    EG CAI Dumiatta Dumiatta
    EG CAI Suez Ein Al Sukhna
    EG CAI Giza El Ayat
    EG CAI Giza El Hawamdiah
    EG CAI Giza EL Korimat
    EG CAI Cairo El Maadi
    EG CAI Cairo El Marg
    EG CAI Suez El Qantara Sharq
    EG CAI Cairo EL rehab
    EG CAI Giza El Saf
    EG CAI Cairo El Salam City
    EG CAI New Valley El Wadi El Gadid
    EG CAI Cairo El Zeitoun
    EG CAI Ismailia Fayid
    EG CAI Fayoum Fayoum
    EG CAI Cairo Garden City
    EG CAI Cairo Ghamrah
    EG CAI Giza Giza
    EG CAI Cairo Hadayek El Qobah
    EG CAI Cairo Heliopolis
    EG CAI Cairo Helwan
    EG CAI Aswan High Dam
    EG CAI Red Sea Hurghada
    EG CAI Giza Imbaba
    EG CAI Sharqia Inshas
    EG CAI Ismailia Ismailia
    EG CAI Kafr Al Sheikh Kafr Al Sheikh
    EG CAI Qaliubia Kaha
    EG CAI Cairo Kasr El Einy
    EG CAI Cairo Katamiah
    EG CAI Qaliubia Khanka
    EG CAI Luxour Luxour
    EG CAI Cairo Maadi
    EG CAI Cairo Madinaty
    EG CAI Giza Manial El Rodah
    EG CAI Cairo Mansheyt Naser
    EG CAI Daqahlia Mansoura
    EG CAI Marsa Matrouh Marabella
    EG CAI Marsa Matrouh Maraqia
    EG CAI Marsa Matrouh Marinah
    EG CAI Red Sea Marsa Alam
    EG CAI Marsa Matrouh Marsa Matrouh
    EG CAI Daqahlia Meet Ghamr
    EG CAI Menia Menia City
    EG CAI Giza Mohandiseen
    EG CAI Cairo Mokattam
    EG CAI Qaliubia Moustorod
    EG CAI Qena Nag Hamadi
    EG CAI Cairo Nasr City
    EG CAI Sharqia New Salhia
    EG CAI Cairo New Cairo
    EG CAI Cairo New Capital City
    EG CAI South Sinai Nuwibaa
    EG CAI Giza October City
    EG CAI Giza Omranya
    EG CAI Port Said Port Said
    EG CAI Qaliubia Qalioub
    EG CAI Qaliubia Qaliubia
    EG CAI Qena Qena
    EG CAI Al Menofiah Quesna
    EG CAI North Sinai Rafah
    EG CAI Cairo Ramsis
    EG CAI South Sinai Ras Seidr
    EG CAI Red Sea Ras Shoqeir
    EG CAI Al Menofiah Sadat City
    EG CAI Red Sea Safaga
    EG CAI Giza Saqara
    EG CAI Alexandria Sedi Kreir
    EG CAI South Sinai Sharm El Sheikh
    EG CAI Al Menofiah Shebin El Koum
    EG CAI Cairo Shubra
    EG CAI Qaliubia Shubra El Kheima
    EG CAI Marsa Matrouh Siwa
    EG CAI Sohag Sohag City
    EG CAI Suez Suez
    EG CAI South Sinai Taba City
    EG CAI Gharbia Tanta
    EG CAI Cairo Tebin
    EG CAI Cairo Torah
    EG CAI New Valley Toshka
    EG CAI Beheira Wadi El Natroun
    EG CAI Sharqia Zakazik
    EG CAI Giza Zamalek

    The code need to be added in your theme's function.php file. There is no problems with this answer code as it's fully tested and works. You can also use the Code Snippets plugin that woocommerce recommend. Using the theme editor is not recommended. You should use an external editor linked to your FTP software.

    // Copy from here
     * Change the checkout city field to a dropdown field.
    function jeroen_sormani_change_city_to_dropdown( $fields ) {
        $city_args = wp_parse_args( array(
            'type' => 'select',
            'options' => array(
                'alexandria' => 'Alexandria',
                'Awaied-Ras Souda' => 'Awaied-Ras Souda',
                'Borg Al Arab City'   => 'Borg Al Arab City',
                'Sedi Kreir' => 'Sedi Kreir',
                'Atfeah'    => 'Atfeah',
                'Badrashin'  => 'Badrashin',
            'input_class' => array(
        ), $fields['shipping']['shipping_city'] );
        $fields['shipping']['shipping_city'] = $city_args;
        $fields['billing']['billing_city'] = $city_args; // Also change for billing field
        wc_enqueue_js( "
        jQuery( ':input.wc-enhanced-select' ).filter( ':not(.enhanced)' ).each( function() {
            var select2_args = { minimumResultsForSearch: 5 };
            jQuery( this ).select2( select2_args ).addClass( 'enhanced' );
        });" );
        return $fields;
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields', 'jeroen_sormani_change_city_to_dropdown' );
    functions.php theme child Code Snippets plugin

    cities select
    text city aramex
    rate calculate
    Aramex: ERR52 - Destination Address - City name is invalid (s)

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    Rise Company for Engineering & Technology
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