Keyboard Shortcuts for Currency Symbols

There are more than 200 countries in the world and most of them uses their own currency system. It is a very common need to type the currency symbols indicating price in financial documents like order and quotation documents. However, Windows and Mac keyboard offers dollar symbol as a default key in English keyboard layout. You may also find Euro and British Pound symbols on European keyboard layouts. Regardless of your keyboard layout, here we will provide alt code keyboard shortcuts for inserting popular currency symbols.
In our earlier article, we have provided more than 600 alt key shortcuts for inserting various categories of symbols. We also offer alt code eBook for offline reference.
Alt Code Shortcuts for Currency Symbols

Currency symbols are part of the Unicode point range from 20A0 to 20CF. However, there are few unassigned codes in this range. Below is the complete list of alt code shortcuts for inserting currency symbols on your documents. Note that the browser display may vary from the actual display on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
Currency Symbol Currency Name Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
$ Dollar Symbol Shift + 4 Shift + 4
Euro Symbol Alt + Ctrl + E Option + Shift + 2
$ Dollar Symbol Alt + 0036 Option + 0024
Euro Symbol Alt + 0128 Option + 20AC
Dutch Florin Alt + 0131 Option + 0192
Cent Sign Alt + 0162 Option + 00A2
British Pound Alt + 0163 Option + 00A3
General Currency Alt + 0164 Option + 00A4
Japanese Yen Alt + 0165 Option + 00A5
Square Yuan Alt + 13136 Option + 3350
֏ Armenian Dram Sign Alt + 1423 Option + 058F
؋ Afghani Sign Alt + 1547 Option + 060B
Bengali Rupee Mark Alt + 2546 Option + 09F2
Bengali Rupee Sign Alt + 2547 Option + 09F3
Gujarati Rupee Sign Alt + 2801 Option + 0AF1
Tamil Rupee Sign Alt + 3065 Option + 0BF9
฿ Thai Baht Alt + 3647 Option + 0E3F
Korean Won Alt + 50896 Option + C6D0
Khmer Symbol Riel Alt + 6107 Option + 17DB
Saudi Arabiya Rial Alt + 65020 Option + FDFC
Small Dollar Symbol Alt + 65129 Option + FE69
Fullwidth Dollar Sign Alt + 65284 Option + FF04
Fullwidth Cent Alt + 65504 Option + FFE0
Fullwidth Pound Sign Alt + 65505 Option + FFE1
Old Euro Currency Alt + 8352 Option + 20A0
Colon Symbol Alt + 8353 Option + 20A1
Cruzeiro Symbol Alt + 8354 Option + 20A2
French Franc Alt + 8355 Option + 20A3
Lira Symbol Alt + 8356 Option + 20A4
Mill Sign Alt + 8357 Option + 20A5
Nigerian Naira Alt + 8358 Option + 20A6
Spanish Peseta Alt + 8359 Option + 20A7
Old Indian Rupee Alt + 8360 Option + 20A8
South Korean Won Alt + 8361 Option + 20A9
Israeli New Sheqel Alt + 8362 Option + 20AA
Vietnamese Dong Alt + 8363 Option + 20AB
Euro Symbol Alt + 8364 Option + 20AC
Laos Kip Alt + 8365 Option + 20AD
Mongolian Tugrik Alt + 8366 Option + 20AE
Greece Drachma Alt + 8367 Option + 20AF
German Penny Sign Alt + 8368 Option + 20B0
Philippine Peso Alt + 8369 Option + 20B1
Paraguayan Guarani Alt + 8370 Option + 20B2
Argentine Austral Alt + 8371 Option + 20B3
Ukrainian Hryvnia Alt + 8372 Option + 20B4
Ghana Cedi Alt + 8373 Option + 20B5
Old Livre Tournois Sign Alt + 8374 Option + 20B6
Esperanto Spesmilo Alt + 8375 Option + 20B7
Tenge Sign Alt + 8376 Option + 20B8
Indian Rupee Symbol Alt + 8377 Option + 20B9
Turkish Lira Alt + 8378 Option + 20BA
Nordic Mark Alt + 8379 Option + 20BB
Azerbaijan Manat Alt + 8380 Option + 20BC
Russian Ruble Alt + 8381 Option + 20BD
Georgia Lari Alt + 8382 Option + 20BE
Bitcoin Symbol Alt + 8383 Option + 20BF

How to Type Currency Symbols?

There are many ways to insert currency symbols in Microsoft Office and Apple iWork documents:

  • Alt + code method with decimal values
  • Using Unicode hexadecimal values with Alt + X combination
  • Option + code with Unicode Hex Input method on Mac
  • Using escape strings on HTML, CSS and JavaScript documents

Using Alt + Codes on Windows

Hold one of the Alt keys located either side of the space bar and then continuously press the code. For example, pressing
and then keys on the numeric pad will produce the British Pound symbol .

This method works only on the Windows based computers having a keyboard with separate numeric pad. Also, it may work on some Microsoft Office applications like Excel.
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Using Alt + X Unicode Method for Word

You can use the hexadecimal Unicode value to insert symbols in Word documents. Enter the Unicode hexadecimal value of the symbol and then press one of the
keys along with key. But this method will only work on Microsoft Word.
For example, pressing
keys and then press with keys will produce Euro currency symbol .

Inserting Currency Symbols on Mac

On Mac documents like Pages and Keynote, first change the input method to Unicode Hex Input. Then press, option key and the hexadecimal codes in the second column of the above table to type the symbols. For example, Option + 0E3F will produce the Thai Baht symbol like ฿. All four digit hexadecimal codes will work in this method.
Inserting Currency Emoji

In addition to the above list of currency symbols, there are many currency related emoji available in Unicode like bank, ATM, credit card, etc,. You can insert these emoji on documents and chat conversation using emoji keyboard in Windows 10 and Mac.
Currency Related Emoji Emoji Name Windows Shortcut Word Shortcut
💲 Heavy Dollar Sign Alt + 128178 1F4B2 Alt + X
🏦 Bank Alt + 127974 1F3E6 Alt + X
🏧 ATM Sign Alt + 127975 1F3E7 Alt + X
💯 Hundred Points Alt + 128175 1F4AF Alt + X
💰 Money Bag Alt + 128176 1F4B0 Alt + X
💱 Currency Exchange Alt + 128177 1F4B1 Alt + X
💳 Credit Card Alt + 128179 1F4B3 Alt + X
💴 Yen Banknote Alt + 128180 1F4B4 Alt + X
💵 Dollar Banknote Alt + 128181 1F4B5 Alt + X
💶 Euro Banknote Alt + 128182 1F4B6 Alt + X
💷 Pound Banknote Alt + 128183 1F4B7 Alt + X
💸 Money with Wings Alt + 128184 1F4B8 Alt + X
💹 Chart Increasing with Yen Alt + 128185 1F4B9 Alt + X
🪙 Coin Alt + 129689 1FA99 Alt + X
🧾 Receipt Alt + 129534 1F9FE Alt + X

Insert Currency Emoji in Windows 10

  • Press Win + ; keys to open emoji keyboard.
  • Search for the symbol or type the name to filter the result.
  • When you find the required symbol, click to insert on your document.

Currency Emoji in Windows 10
The good part is you can still use alt codes to insert these currency emoji in Windows 10 PC. For example, alt + 128181 will produce banknote with dollar sign emoji like 💵. Similarly, you can use alt + x shortcuts on Microsoft Word documents.
Similar to currency emoji, you can insert any currency symbol using the same emoji keyboard. After opening emoji keyboard panel, click on Symbols icon and then Currency Symbols icon. You can find all available currency symbols and click on any symbol to insert on your document.
Currency Symbols in Windows Emoji Panel
Insert Currency Emoji in Mac

  • Press Control + Command + Space bar to open Character Viewer app.
  • You can find all currency symbols under Currency Symbol category.
  • Double click to insert the symbol anywhere on your documents.
  • You can also use the search box to find other emoji related currency symbols like hundred point symbol 💯.

Insert Currency Symbols in Mac
Inserting Currency Symbols in HTML and CSS

Inserting special symbols in HTML document is different that of Word document. Basically you can use the same Alt + Code with minor modification. Below is an example of inserting Indian Rupee sign in HTML and you can refer the separate article for the complete list of HTML special characters.

You can change the code in the above examples to insert any currency symbols on your HTML document. Similarly, on CSS and JavaScript documents, use the hexadecimal codes like \20BE and \u20BE respectively.
Font Variations and Size

You can adjust the font size and color of the currency symbols on your documents like other text content. This will give an opportunity to decorate the symbols as you like. Below are some of the examples with variations for Cent, Won and Ruble symbols.

Cheatsheet for Currency Symbols

Download the cheatsheet for all alt code shortcuts for currency symbols, if you want to keep the shortcuts for offline reference. Below are some of the most popular currency symbol images that you can copy and paste.