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Navigate to different locations on either system. Drag and drop files or folders to copy files.
click View and check Remote directory tree - Moving Files Using FileZilla
How to copy files from one directory to another on the same server?

There are many different FTP programs you can use to move your files around. Most FTP programs work the same way. For tutorial purposes, this section will focus on how to move your files from one folder to another using FileZilla.

  • Open your FileZilla FTP program.
  • Navigate to the folder where you want to move your files. In this case ware are moving a template from a subdirectory called templatemo_353_beauty_class to the test folder one directory above.The Remote site is where the files are on the server. The Filename box underneath the Remote Site box is where your files are for on the server.

  • You can drag files from one folder location to another. In the image below you will see how all the files in one directory are selected and dragged into another folder in the server.In this example, the files and folders in the templatemo_353_beauty_class folder are being dragged to the test folder.Drag the files you selected to the folder you want to move them to. The files will automatically move to that location.

Now when you navigate to the folder you will see the files in that directory.

  • To move files from a folder to a subfolder, You can select the files and drag them into the folder within the Filename box under the Remote site box. See the image below. In this example we moved the images in the test folder to the images folder.

Now the files will be found in the images subfolder.



[..] drag and drop
, cut - copy - paste

If you are in a directory and you click [..] to move to the parent,
then the parent folder list loads scrolled down to the child folder you were previously in.

This becomes a real pain if you need to quickly move up 2 or 3 levels because each time you move up,
you've got to scroll all the way back to the top of the list to get to the [..] again.


n the menu bar, click View and check Remote directory tree (alternatively, press Alt + V, E).
Go to the source folder where the subfolder you want to move is,
go the destination folder and go back to the source folder.

The destination folder should still be visible in the directory tree,
so you can just drag the folder you want to move and drop it into the destination folder.

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