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Exclude mail folder FROM BACKUP for all accounts
External disk space for backups - How to Exclude Files from Backups
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I have 200GB space on a VPS server, currently I'm using 140GB, so the disk space is enough, but when the server run the daily backup process it fails because of disk space.
How can I solve this issue ? is there a way to use external drive ? or maybe delete the previous backup "before" the new backup process begin ? or something else..


1- Create backup on Google Drive
whm backup

2- Remove retained backups from Drive

3- Exclude mail folder from backup for all accounts

Global exclude

nano /etc/cpbackup-exclude.conf
For example, to exclude directory /home/username/softaculous_backups/ and file /home/username/public_html/temp.html use:

The files/folders excluded by default are:
For example, you can exclude the /home/*/tmp/ directories by adding
to the list in /etc/cpbackup-exclude.conf


Local exclude

This option is used to exclude files/folders from the backup for individual user hosted on the server by
adding file/directories name in /home/username/cpbackup-exclude.conf file.

Excluding files and directories from cPanel backups

To exclude specific files and directories from cPanel backups, follow these steps:

  1. Using a text editor from the command line, or one of the editors in the cPanel File Manager,
  2. create a file in the user's home directory named cpbackup-exclude.conf.
  3. Copy the following text and then paste it into the cpbackup-exclude.conf file:
    This list includes files and directories from various popular backup utilities, such as BackupBuddy and Akeeba. You can add additional lines to this file for any other items that you want to exclude from cPanel backups.
  4. Save your changes to the cpbackup-exclude.conf file. All of the files and directories listed in the cpbackup-exclude.conf are now excluded from subsequent cPanel backups.