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After transfer - File Manager showing Other user data path
File Manager shows empty old home directory after a username change
cpanel file manager appear another username

After changing an account's username, the user accesses the file manager. The directory listing shows "empty" and the old username is listed in the path browser.

This occurs when the user sets the option to open a specific folder (before the username change) in the Settings of the File Manager. When this option is selected, the file ~/.cpanel/nvdata/defaultdir is created with the full path to the folder specified. Since this path is inside the user's home directory, it contains the username. When the username is changed, this file is not updated. This results in the File Manager attempting to open a non-existent directory and displaying that the directory is empty.

We've opened an internal case for our development team to investigate this further. For reference, the case number is CPANEL-36868. Follow this article to receive an email notification when a solution is published in the product.

Close the file manager and remove the following files:

  • ~/.cpanel/nvdata/defaultdir
  • ~/.cpanel/nvdata.cache

Reopen the file manager and see it behaves properly. Resave your settings if desired.


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