Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you have any previous version or any adobe acrobat pdf software read this paragraph or else ignore this and read the 2nd one

1. Uninstalling Previous version completely
Go to add or remove programs and uninstall adobe acrobat
Go to C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files and delete adobe folders
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ and delete folder named adobe
Search C:\ProgramData by running run box (Win key + R) and delete adobe folder
Search appdata and delete all the folders named adobe in Roaming Local and Locallaw
Now search regedit in the run box go to HKEYCURRENT USER > SOFTWARE and right click on the folder named adobe then delete it after that go to HKEY local machine > SOFTWARE >adobe and delete it like hoe you did with the adobe folder in HKEY CuRRENT USER
Restart your PC/Laptop now

2. Installing Adobe Acrobat DC 2022
Disconnect your network or the software will not be activated
Disable Windows Defender or any other antivirus you have(pause protection)
Go to the setup folder provided by getintopc run Setup.exe
After install click finish and don't run the software

clean up the registry, programdata, appdata, windows, temp, %temp%, program files x86, program files then reinstall