Renault Logan - Fuse
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Renault Logan 1 (Dacia Logan 1) fuse and relay

The 1st generation Renault Logan was produced in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines and 1.5 liter diesel engines. Also known as Dacia Logan 1 or Nissan Aprio. In this in this publication you will find a description of Renault Logan 1 fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

The main fuse box is located in the left end of the dashboard under a plastic cover.

On the back of which there will be the current fuse designation for your Renault Logan 1.


F01 20A wiper, winding of the rear window heating relay
If the wipers stopped working, check the serviceability of the steering column switch, its tracks, contacts and connector, as well as the motor, its brushes and the trapezoid of the wiper mechanism. If you hear a click when you turn on the switch, often the problem lies in the ingress of moisture and water into the gear motor.
F02 5A dashboard, relay coils K5 of the fuel pump and ignition coil, engine control system from the ignition switch (ECU)
F0З 20А brake light lamps, reversing lamp, windshield washer
If no brake light is on, first check the limit switch, which is located in the pedal assembly and reacts to pressing the brake pedal, as well as its connector. Check the serviceability of all lamps, they could burn out all in turn, as well as the contacts in the sockets.
F04 10A airbag control unit, turn signal lamps, diagnostic connector, immobilizer
If the direction indicators do not work, check the serviceability of the lamps and the absence of a short circuit in their connectors, the steering column switch and its contacts. Also, turn signals may not work correctly with a short circuit in other lighting devices.
F05 F08 Free
F09 10A low beam in the left headlight, low beam lamp on the panel, headlight washer pump
F10 10A low beam in the right headlight
F11 10A left headlight, high beam, high beam on the instrument panel
F12 10A right headlight, high beam
If the headlights stop shining high in the appropriate mode, check the lamps, the steering column switch with a connector and the wiring.
F13 30A rear electric glass lifts .
F14 30A front electric glass lifts .
F15 10A ABS
F16 15A Heated front seats
If the front seats stop heating when their heating is turned on, it may be in the wiring and in the power button. There is also a thermo switch inside the seat, which prevents the seats from heating up and breaks the circuit above a certain temperature.
F17 15A Sound signal
F18 10A Left side light bulbs; side light lamps for the left rear light; license plate lighting lamps; illumination of the instrument cluster and controls on the instrument panel, console and floor tunnel lining; switching unit buzzer
F19 7.5A Side light bulbs of the right headlamp; side light lamps for the right rear light; glove compartment lamps
F20 7.5A Lamps and warning lamp for turning on the rear fog lamp
F21 5A Heated side mirrors
F22 Reserve
F23 Reserved, alarm
F24 Reserve
F25 Reserve
F26 Reserve
F27 Reserve
F28 15A Lamps for interior and trunk lighting; constant power supply of the head unit of sound reproduction
If the light does not come on when you open any front door, check its limit switch and wiring, as well as the position of the light switch (Auto). Another thing may be in the connector, which is located in the left B-pillar, where the drivers belt is. To get to it, you need to remove the pad. If the light does not come on when you open the rear doors, check the wiring from the limit switches under the rear seat.
F29 15A General power (alarm switch; direction indicator switch; intermittent operation of the windshield wiper; central locking control; diagnostic connector of the engine management system)
F30 20A Door and trunk lock, central bell
F31 15A Fog lamp relay coil K8
F32 30A Heated rear window
If the heating does not work, first check the contacts and voltage at the terminals at the edges of the glass. If voltage is applied to the heating elements, check the rear window for broken elements. If the voltage does not reach, the wire from the switch on the front panel to the rear window could be frayed, ring it. The relay, which is located under the dashboard on the left, could also fail; to access it, you need to remove the casing. Also check the heating switch on the panel

F33 Reserve
F34 Reserve
F35 Reserve
F36 30A Air conditioning, heater
If your air conditioner does not work, also check fuse F07 and relay K4 under the hood. In case of problems, most likely the system has run out of freon and requires refueling or elimination of the leak. The fuse F39 is also responsible for heating.
F37 5A Power mirrors

F38 10A Cigarette lighter; power supply of the head unit of sound reproduction from the ignition switch
F39 30A Heater fan relay coil K1; air conditioning control panel
The fuse number 38, 10A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.
Let us also remind that some elements can be installed outside this block!
Engine compartment

In the engine compartment of the 1st generation Renault Dacia Logan, two different options for the arrangement of the elements are possible. In both of them, the main boxes are on the left side, next to the battery.
Type 1


597A F1 60A Burglar alarm, outdoor light switch, daytime running light relay (block 1034)
597A F2 60A Ambient light switch, passenger compartment fuse box
597В F1 30A Power supply of relay board
597В F2 25A Power supply circuit of the injection system relay
597В F3 5A Power supply circuit of the injection system relay, injection computer
597C-F1 50A ABS ECU
597C F2 25A ABS ECU
597D F1 40A High speed electric fan relay (relay 236), relay board
299 231 20A Fog lights
299 753 20A Headlight washer pump
784 474 20A Relay for turning on the air conditioning compressor
784 700 20A Relay for low speed of rotation of the electric fan
1034 288 20A Daytime running light relay
1034 289 20A Daytime running light relay
1034 290 20A Daytime running light relay
1047 236 20A Fuel pump relay
1047 238 20A Injection blocking relay
233 40A Heater fan relay
236 40A Relay for high speed electric fan
Type 2

F01 60A Circuits: power supply of the ignition lock and all consumers supplied from the lock; outdoor light switch
F02 30A Power circuit of the relay K3 of the cooling fan (on a car without air conditioning)
F03 25A Power circuits: relay K5 of the fuel pump and ignition coil; main relay K6 engine management system
F04 5A Circuit: constant power supply to the ECU of the engine management system; winding of the main relay K6 of the engine management system
F05 15A Reserve
F06 60A Power supply circuit of the passenger compartment fuse box
F07 40A Power circuits: air conditioner relay K4; relay K3 low speed cooling fan (on a car with air conditioning); relay K2 high speed cooling fan (on a car with air conditioning)
F08F09 25 / 50A ABS circuit ECU

  • K1 stove fan relay, heater fan motor. See information about F36.
  • K2 high speed cooling fan relay (for cars with air conditioning), radiator cooling fan motor.
  • KZ low speed cooling fan relay (for cars with air conditioning) or radiator cooling fan relay (for cars without air conditioning), cooling fan motor (for cars with air conditioning through a resistor).
  • K4 air conditioner relay, compressor electromagnetic clutch. See information about F36.
  • K5 fuel pump relay and ignition coil.
  • K6 the main relay of the engine control system, oxygen concentration sensor, speed sensor, fuel injectors, e / m adsorber purge valve, relay coils K2, KZ, K4.
  • K7 headlight washer pump relay.
  • K8 fog lamp relay. See information on F31.