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Rise Company best webhosting company in Egypt 2023

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Egypts economy is blossoming and the internet is a part of that success story, here are the top ten hosts that can house your website for you in Egypt:


Top 10 Egypt Web Hosting Companies

1. Rise Company

The rise company has been in the Egypt ICT industry for 8 years now, providing website design and cutting-edge hosting. Its hosting services are fast, reliable and qualitative. Since its servers are not overloaded, the clients websites can get all the speed and uptime it needs.

The company also monitors its server with several top-notch technological devices that ensure that the servers run with first class security and that websites hosted by the company is not hacked. The company also provides round the clock technical support.
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2. Hostkda

Hostkda is an Egyptian ICT company that majors in a number of service provision for clients. With its intuitive cPanel, hostdka offers specialized hosting services for Joomla, WordPress and other sites.
Hostdka allows you to use part of their services for free while you do not pay for the services. With guaranteed technical support, stability, safety, and a fantastic app installer; hostdka is a web host that can give you the rest of mind you need.
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3. Mhgoz

Mhgoz is a service driven by Reserved. Reserved is a company that has for the past 7 years contributed in no small amount to the development of ICT services in Egypt. Its website hosting arm promises the best of uptime, fast storage on its solid state drive coupled with a state of the art data centers.
It has an average response time of fifteen minutes to the hardest of your requests, a client that is over a thousand strong and having hosted about three thousand websites.
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4. Linkdatacenter

LDC was founded in 1996 with the specific focus on technical issues in technological development. The company focuses on providing and deploying the best of these solutions to where they are most needed. LDC offers to host across different categories; from shared hosting, virtual servers and private hosting.
This allows individuals to pick the plan that works best for them. The web host also offers competitive pricing, uptime alongside technical and customer support services. The host company also allows for specialized hosting.
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5. Hvips

Hvips is a web hosting company based in Egypt that has over the years offered services to web enthusiasts and website owners in the country. It provides solid states servers for the storage of customers pages, while it also allows for cloud storage.
This ensures that the information provided can be changed and updated on the go. The company also uses the softaculous interface for management and deals in specialized hosting; allowing for clients to host WordPress, Joomla, and other e-store platforms.
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