Whatsapp whatsapp not working
MASSIVE OUTAGE: WhatsApp Goes Down For Users Around the Globe
OFFLINE WhatsApp down updates Thousands of users report issues with loading app and messages not sending

Popular messaging app WhatsApp seems to be having an issue, in particular with sending and receiving of messages.
Users across the world have reported having issues establishing any connection, Thus they are unable to send or receive messages. We have also confirmed that WhatsApp status are not working.

It looks like Meta is again facing issues with WhatsApp, as users are unable to send or receive messages. So, if you think that your wifi isnt working, this time it isnt the case because its an outage at WhatsApp. The same has been reported on the DownDetector which states that the problem started at 1.33 AM IST(Indian Standard Time).

Not only the Mobile App version is down, but also the Web version isnt working yet. While refreshing sometimes it is giving an error something went wrong. So far no information has been made available by WhatsApp regarding the issue. If you refresh the desktop version you will just see the loading screen with a message WhatsApp end to end encryption.
While WhatsApp Team tries to resolve the issue, lets take a breather and enjoy great Twitter memes