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DB-IP, ipdeny.com, iptoasn.com MaxMind

Country Code Lists and Settings

Country Code to CIDR allow/deny. In the following options you can allow or
deny whole country CIDR ranges. The CIDR blocks are obtained from a selected
source below. They also display Country Code Country and City for reported IP
addresses and lookups

There are a number of sources for these databases, before utilising them you
need to visit each site and ensure you abide by their license provisions
where stated:

1. MaxMind

MaxMind GeoLite2 Country/City and ASN databases at:
This feature relies entirely on that service being available

Advantages: This is a one stop shop for all of the databases required for
these features. They provide a consistent dataset for blocking and reporting

Disadvantages: MaxMind require a license key to download their databases.
This is free of charge, but requires the user to create an account on their
website to generate the required key:

WARNING: As of 2019-12-29, MaxMind REQUIRES you to create an account on their
site and to generate a license key to use their databases. See:

You MUST set the following to continue using the IP lookup features of csf,
otherwise an error will be generated and the features will not work.
Alternatively set CC_SRC below to a different provider

2. DB-IP, ipdeny.com, iptoasn.com

Advantages: The ipdeny.com databases form CC blocking are better optimised
and so are quicker to process and create fewer iptables entries. All of these
databases are free to download without requiring login or key

Disadvantages: Multiple sources mean that any one of the three could
interrupt the provision of these features. It may also mean that there are
inconsistences between them


Set the following to your preferred source:

"1" - MaxMind
"2" - db-ip, ipdeny, iptoasn

The default is "2" on new installations of csf, or set to "1" to use the
MaxMind databases after obtaining a license key


2 db-ip, ipdeny, iptoasn

This Country Code list will prevent lfd from blocking IP address hits for the
listed CC's

CC_LOOKUPS must be enabled to use this option


MaxMind 1 2 db-ip, ipdeny, iptoasn
License Key