WHM/cPanel Your file must match the naming schema

Do not use the skip-name-resolve setting in your servers MySQL configuration. This setting will cause serious issues with server operations. If you are not an advanced MySQL administrator, expect issues with this setting. For example, you will see issues with account transfers and restorations. This setting will also cause issues with phpMyAdmin.

Archive file requirements

If you transfer or restore an account from an archive file, the file must meet certain criteria. The archive filename must use one of the following formats:
  • cpmove-{USER}
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar.gz
  • {USER}.tar
  • {USER}.tar.gz
  • backup-{MM.DD.YYYY}{HH-MM-SS}{USER}.tar
  • backup-{MM.DD.YYYY}{HH-MM-SS}{USER}.tar.gz
  • backup-{MM.DD.YYYY}_{HH-MM-SS}_{USER}.tar
  • backup-{MM.DD.YYYY}_{HH-MM-SS}_{USER}.tar.gz

The file must also reside in one of the following directories:
  • /home
  • /home2
  • /home3
  • /root
  • /usr
  • /usr/home
  • /web