/ - Deleted / Expired / Redemption Domain

When do expired domain names become available?
Renewal Grace Period - Redemption Period - Pending-Delete Period

/ - Deleted / Expired / Redemption Domain

75 80 90

When domains are expired, they go through 3 Steps
1 - Renewal Grace Period 40 Days
2 - Redemption Period 30 Days
3- Pending-Delete Period 7 Days

So usually after 2.5 months expired domains get available for Re-registration.
You can check at your registrar what Renewal Grace Period is set by them.


Let me start by saying 75 days need to pass after the expiration date so that someone else can register a domain again.
1- If a domain is not renewed by the renewal date, that domain name will go into an expired status. For the next 40 days the domain will stay in a grace period where all services of that domain are turned off however the domain owner still has the option to renew the domain by paying the standard renewal fee.

2- After the 40 day grace period ends the domain's status will be changed to a redemption period. During this period the WhoIs information for that domain will begin to drop. Also during this period if the original owner of that domain decides that he does want to keep it he will be required to pay an additional re-activation and re-registration fee. This fee is typically around $100 but the amount will depend on the registrar. Once a domain name goes into this redemption period, then there is a good chance that the previous owner will not renew it.
3- Once redemption period ends the domain will have a locked status as it enters the deletion period. The deletion period lasts only 5 days. In this period domain status shows as pendingDelete.
4- On the last day of this period, typically between 11am and 2pm Pacific Time that domain name will be completely dropped from the ICANN database. At this stage, the domain has been deleted and anyone can register it.