DO NOT transfer from MariaDB to MySQL
cpanel account transfers failing: ERROR: Failed to dump one or more databases
The remote MySQL dump failed because of an error (WebSocket 1011, 58eaht)
DO NOT transfer from MariaDB to MySQL

We are trying to migrate from a 60+ account server:
CentOS 7.9 cPanel 106 MariaDB 10.3
To a new server with:
AlmaLinux v8.7 cPanel 106 MySQL 8.0
Assuming that since MySQL is the default option for new cPanel installs and MariaDB option is no longer present, it would be a better tech stack for cPanel support in the long term. Thoughts?
However, the Transfer Tool throws 90+ warnings for DB restores
Would an upgrade to MariaDB 10.5 or 10.6 be more compatible for backup/restore?
Any recommendations?
Log example:
RESTORE: Account ###: Warnings
Removed empty DB for failed restore of ###.
The system has saved the database archive data in the directory /home/###/cpmove_failed_mysql_dbs.###. You may use this directorys contents to restore your data manually.
Removed empty DB for failed restore of ###.
Failed to write to DBI subprocess: Bad file descriptor

We went with MariaDB in the first place for performance and to support the more open source project, but I assumed that was better to migrate back when I noticed that it's no longer really "select MariaDB when installing", like it was in previous cPanel versions, it's now a "pre-configuration".

They deliberately removed that feature and made MySQL the default, no way around it after install, the user will face the problem and need to reinstall.
For me that's a clear statement, but the more I read about it, it seems they just made bad choices.

Like the "warning" of not being able to restore a DB from an account in Transfer Tool, that's an error, huge, not a warning.
More now that the "Live Transfer" is the default option, with no easy way to disable it in bulk.
We got 100+ websites live, after the transfer, 90% of them didn't work.

We did a rollback using this script to "unsuspend" all accounts in the previous server.
Terrible experience.
We will probably reinstall with MariaDB instead of trying to fix this, and keep testing cPanel alternatives.
(several with webmin and one with cyberpanel, still using cpanel for shared hosting servers)