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Create a FREE Windows Server VPS by using the AWS free tier

In this tutorial video i will show you step by step how you can get a FREE windows VPS giving you FREE RDP capabilities for a year by using the AWS free tier. I fistly explain what the AWS free tier is and what free offers it provides.

I then show you the AWS free tier account signup screens, before creating an AWS billing alert to warn you if you ever go outside the AWS free tier resources. I then show you how we create a totally free Windows VPS by not exceeding the free resources they offer in the AWS free tier.

I then connect to the free VPS by using the built in Windows client called remote desktop connection (which uses RDP)before finally amending the provided RDP file, to both speed up RDP and then map my local drive C (i dont map all the drives as mapping network drives, dropbox or google drive "imaginary" drives has previously caused problems in RDP, where even the mapped clipboard stopped working)

100% .