Whmcs save settings Page Not Found
[Solution] Page Not found Issue during saving any config in general settings


WHMCS General Settings Save
Page Not Found

Some of you might already faced a issue that is "Can't Save anything in whmcs settings" / "Saving data in general settings cause redirect in whmcs" / "Page not found during saving any data in WHMCS while trying to save anything in settings."

Okay mostly this problem is caused by mod_security . Make sure It is not enabled on your whmcs host ? This is known to cause issues with false positives for XSS attacks in WHMCS. mod_security is a great feature but it causes issues with WHMCS.


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Solution : Tell your hosting provider to disable mod_security for your host or domain. If your hosting provider is a reseller then they might not be sure about this term tell them to contact with their main provider to disable the addon/module.

Reason why I'm sharing this is I don't want you to waste your valuable time by waiting for support reply as they are busy in their work too.