Google Partners vs google premier

What is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is a digital marketing provider that has met the basic Google Ads requirements for the first tier of the Partner program. To do this, an agency needs just one certified specialist managing at least US$10,000 each quarter with solid results.
Importantly, Google doesnt specify exactly what counts as solid so it can be tough to determine if youre actually meeting the criteria. Most providers fall under this tier.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Only a very small fraction of Google Partners progress to being a Google Premier Partner. To obtain this badge, a digital marketing provider must prove the skills and expertise to manage large budgets with ongoing success. They must also have at least two specialists certified in Google Ads on their team.
Continuously contributing to their clients revenue and growth, these agencies are required to meet extra certification and performance criteria compared to Google Partners.
A Premier Partner badge is essentially Googles way of recognising an agencys top-tier Ads expertise and reliability. In other words, these PPC advertising pros know how to manage campaigns to make you money.
This status can apply to various digital advertising channels, including Search Ads, Shopping Ads and Display Ads.

The difference between Google Members, Partners and Premier Partners

Discover what features are available to each tier of the Google Partner Program below. Spoiler: Premier Partners take the cake!

How to become a Google Premier Partner

By now, youve probably guessed that becoming a Google Premier Partner is a lot easier said than done. Before an agency sets its sights on the Premier badge, its got to focus on becoming a Google Partner. There are 3 types of requirements for this tier: Performance, Spend and Certifications.

  • Performance: The Ads manager account must have an optimisation score of at least 70%.
  • Spend: The Ads manager account will need to maintain an ad spend of USD$10,000 or more across managed accounts over 90 days. That said, this minimum ad spend can vary according to the market and country campaigns are running in.
  • Certifications: A minimum of 50% of account managers have to be Google Ads-certified. That means passing the Google Ads Fundamentals course and the Skillshop product area assessment for at least one of the following specialisations: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Apps, Google Ads Video and Shopping Ads.

Google reviews these on a daily basis so an agency needs to stay in check if they want to keep this status. And thats just to obtain and maintain a Google Partner badge.
Getting to the next tier is a whole other ball game.
To become a Google Premier Partner, an agency must meet the Partner requirements and also outperform 97% of participating agencies in their country. The factors used to pinpoint top performers include:

  • The ability to support client growth and win new clients, as measured by year-on-year increases in ad spend and ad spend for first-time accounts.
  • The ability to sustain business, as measured by the percentage of retained clients year-on-year.
  • Investment in product diversification outside of Google Search, as measured by the percentage of ad spend towards Display, Video, Shopping and Apps per year.
  • Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, as measured by total ad spend for all managed accounts every year.

Beat the competition on all four sides and youve got yourself a Premier Partner badge. Again, easier said than done!

Google Premier Partner benefits for your business

There are all sorts of advantages to adding a Google Premier Partner like Redback to your digital marketing arsenal, from invaluable experience and tools to exclusive support and resources. Below, we explain how our badge can benefit your business.

1. Proven Google Ads experts

When you choose to work with a Premier Partner, youre getting access to certified experts who understand Google Ads inside and out.
Were not resting this expertise on some exam we sat years ago, either. Google Premier Partners renew certifications annually to ensure extensive knowledge of the latest features, functions and best practices.
Whats more, Premier Partners manage Google Ads campaigns pretty much all day every day partly because we have to reach a certain ad spend each year and partly because were passionate about what we do. That means real, hands-on experience on a regular basis. Weve seen it all, achieved it all.

2. Adwords campaigns that maximise ROI

If you want strong conversion rates and the best possible return from your ad spend, then pair with a Google Premier Partner. Google appreciates that ads are only as valuable as the revenue they generate, which is why their Premier Partners are required to reach and sustain a certain standard of campaign performance.
Translation: you can rest easy knowing your ad spend is in the most specialist and strategic of hands. From selecting the right keywords and A/B testing to optimising existing ads and analysing results, we know exactly how to get your business the most bang for its buck.

3. Premium access to Google updates & insights

Google is always introducing new features and updates, a constant evolution that many users find overwhelming to stay on top of. Get ahead of the game on Google Ads by working with a Premier Partner who is committed to identifying, mastering and adapting to these changes on your behalf.
We also get exclusive early access to product betas, familiarising ourselves with the latest rollouts before anyone in the general public even knows theyre coming. Plus, monthly briefings on recent releases and industry insights from our Google representatives help us (and you) to keep a competitive edge.

4. Fast-tracked Google Support

If you do have any concerns or issues with your Google Ads campaign, contacting Google for support as a Member or basic Partner can be a drawn-out process with lengthy response times.
But with a Premier Partner on your side, you get a direct line to advanced and dedicated Google Ads support whenever you need it. And that means no more waiting around wasting valuable time while your query could be resolved and your campaign reaping results!

How to identify a Google Premier Partner

To check for this top tier, simply look out for the above badge! Click it and youll be brought to a bunch of details on the Google Premier Partner in question. You can also browse the full list of Google Premier Partners right here!

Chat with a Google Premier Partner agency today

Enlisting the help of a Premier Partner is a no brainer if youre looking to get the most out of your Google Ads activity. Held by only the top digital advertising agencies, this badge means you can be confident that your campaigns are being managed by the best in the business!