Win7codecs 2.2.2 Final

برنامجWin7codecs لتشغيل ملفات الملتميديا لنظام الوندوز الجديد

Windows 7 حيث تجعلك تشغل كل ملفات الصوت والفيديو في جهازك على اي مشغل صوت وفيديو

فلن تحتاج الان لاضافة مشغلات صوت وفيديو كثيرة فيجهازك فمعهذه الحزمة الرائعه والعملاقة والرائدةستكون قادر على تشغيلكل شى ، لا مزيدمن برامج الصوت والفيديو.

The Win7codecs package which I have created does not change or interfere with what Microsoft has going on concerning native codec support in Windows Media Player 12 and Media Center.

DXVA accelerated H264 playback is provided by the codec package for all other capable players.

The latest release contains a new Settings Application which enables the user to choose a different splitters 'on the fly' for specific filetypes. The application will also allow you to choose from 10 different speaker configurations from 'same as input' and all the way up to full 7.1 channel output.

This package supports 18 localizations. The default is English and the installer includes support for the following other languages; Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Japanese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and Turkish. Languages can be added upon request.


- update Haali 1.9.355.21 (rel. Nov14 '09
- update ffdshow 3160 /audio bitstreaming
- add MPC Audio renderer for above
- update Gabests filters 1410

Title:Win7codecs 2.2.3 Final
File size: 20.3 MbMB
Requirements: Windows 7
License: Freeware
Date added : December 17, 2009