seeding torrent
Does Seeding effect my Data usage? How badly?
Does uTorrent seeding eat usage?
What exactly does seeding do?
How To Stop / Limit Uploading (Seeding) On Utorrent

When torrent finishes downloading it seeds does the seeding eat up download usage ?


Bandwidth is total of upload and download usage
To save bandwidth don't keep the torrent file seeding and paused.

How To Stop / Limit Uploading (Seeding) On Utorrent


some users using limited / Slow internet connection. To them, this will trouble. S
o i'm going to show you how to stop / limit this bittorrent , Utorrent

First open Bittorrent or utorrent and go to preferences

Then go to bandwidth section

Then set maximum upload rate
To stop uploading set it to 1
To limit it set limit that you want
Set it to 0 to remove all limits But this is not recommend for lost time use. Just use for temporory if your connection limited. Or you can stop seeding for specified torrents. After torrent completed and when seeding. Right click on it and click "Stop"

Then the torrent won't seed anymore also you can seed it again with clicking start