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Now,You can register your business name
and get all the features for professional hosting from our service Domain Registration

* Start get your Egyptian Domain name now , and move your business to the Egyptian name and get it with ( Unlimited e-mails , support POP3, IMAP, SMTP ) and you will be able to make Unlimited sub-domains ( ) , also you will be able to choose between web languages and databases PHP and MySQL ( Linux Hosting ) or ASP.Net and MSSQL ( Windows Hosting ).
* Start register your or depend on your business type and the domain availability.
* Domains works for only ( 900 L.E. or 50$ ) per year + the hosting package you need.

Who can register
* Only Egyptian companies or Companies how have Egyptian branches can register it.
* Egyptian citizens can register with only the id copy for only 900L.E. / year.
* Companies who have a Trade Mark registers in Egypt

Documents needed for

* Egyptian Company documents or an Egyptian branch documents.
* for TradeMarks need the Trade Mark registration papers in Egypt.

Other Notes
* domain will be works within 4 working days after sending the domain documents.
* dont have a domain control panel, and it must be point to our name servers , So, customers must have a hosting space from our company to manage there domain services

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