FortiGate Firewall Firmware upgrade failed
Failed to download firmware from FortiGuard - Packet Loss
Image upgrade failed when trying to upgrade a FGT30E
Image upgrade failed. Failed to download firmware from FortiGuard

To upgrade the firmware go to System -> Firmware.

The firmware management shows the current version running on the unit and the next available version.
Before performing the upgrade, verify the upgrade path (if applicable) and refer the release notes of the firmware which the unit suggests to upgrade.


If the Current version shows as FortiOS v6.0.7 build0302 (GA)
It will show the firmware version which can be upgraded on unit as below:

The above is just an example, as per unit firmware and the available firmware versions to upgrade, it shows the information.

Select 'Backup config and upgrade', a new window will open as below:

Select 'Continue' to upgrade the firmware, it takes some seconds and if the upgrade gets failed, the below error appears:

The above error implies that the Fortigate device unable to contact the Fortiguard server
to fetch the firmware image and hence the upgrade is Failed.

Now, check the Fortiguard reachability with the below command:

execute ping
<----- It shows some packets loss.

 get system fortiguard                                                                       

<----- To verify the FortiGuard port (53 or 8888).

To troubleshoot FortiGuard packet loss :

1) Change the DNS : go to Network -> DNS and change primary as and Secondary as
2) Shuffle the port between 53 and 8888. If set to 8888, change it to 53 as below:

config system fortiguard
set port 53

Now, check the FortiGuard accessibility again with the ping command as above.

If issue is still present, check if there is any issue in the upstream (L3) router and if it is still blocking the packets.
Or just ignore the upgrade failed error and perform the upgrade firmware manually, by downloading the firmware image from the support portal as per FortiGate model (Refer to the related article for the manual upgrade).


Manual Automatic

FortiGate Firewall Firmware upgrade