Wordpress xmlrpc DOS ATTACK
Wordpress XMLRPC not working

VPS < WordPress xmlrpc

The file xmlrpc.php used by Wordpress and some other CMS systems is a common attack vector for hackers to try and exploit.

Due to the severe amount of traffic we see to this file across all sites and the amount of sites that get hacked because of it, we have started blocking access to this file across all our servers.
Over 90% of our client do not use this service and by blocking it, it also means that performance on our servers remain at a high level as the server does not have to deal with thousands of hackers requests all day.

As a result, some clients may find problems when using plugins like JetPack and others that rely on this file.

If you are using Wordpress, you can use the following plugin to get around the issue http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rename-xml-rpc/

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