10 Windows SMBv1

Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online FeatureName smb1protocol
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online FeatureName smb1protocol
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10 Windows powershell not opening

smb 1


Open registry key

Once youve opened the editor, the next step is to access the correct registry key. To do so,
enter the following path in the address bar or click through the folder structure until you reach the right location:

The abbreviation Lanman stands for LAN Manager, which is used to manage important network applications and protocols in Windows 10.

Change value for SMB1

Double click on SMB1 in the opened key and enter the value 0 to disable SMB1 in Windows 10. Next, confirm the new value with OK:

If the SMB1 entry shown is missing, you can also add it first: New-> DWORD-value (32-Bit).

Close the editor and then restart Windows 10 to apply the changes regarding Server Message Block.

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