Nginx WHM/CPanel
Apaches power and Nginxs speed

Why run Apache and Nginx together? Is there any advantage by using Nginx as reverse proxy on Cpanel?

Apaches power and Nginxs speed

Both Apache and Nginx are powerful and effective web-servers. Apache is the topmost webserver since it was released in 2006 and Nginx is now using top websites. The reason for using Apache and Nginx are clear, Apaches power and Nginxs speed. By setting Nginx as reverse proxy, we can increase the websites speed and performance on the server. This is because, Nginx will take care of all static contents in the website such as CSS, images, SWF files, MP4 and more. Apache will manage the rest of requests (dynamic requests php page). This is known as a Nginx reverse proxy setup. Nginx stand as a front end server with a powerful backend Apache server.

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