Problems Exist - Reverse DNS (PTR) The system uses an alternate HELO
Rebuild RDNS Cache - Change Hostname - Enable DKIM/SPF Globally
root cannot accept local mail deliveries

Reverse DNS (PTR) Problems Exist

The system uses an alternate HELO of when sending mail from the domain.

The system sends servereg.coms outgoing email from the IP address. The only PTR value for this IP address must be This is the name that this server sends with SMTPs HELO command to send servereg.coms outgoing email.
1 unexpected PTR value exists for this IP address:


To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they replace all PTR records for with the following record at and

Reverse DNS (PTR) IP Provider


1- Home / Networking Setup / Change Hostname change

2- Rebuild RDNS Cache
Home / Service Configuration / Exim Configuration Manager -> Domains and IPs ->
Rebuild Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO -> Rebuild RDNS Cache

3- Home / DNS Functions / Enable DKIM/SPF Globally

4- Home / Email / Email Deliverability
DKIM / SPF Valid / Reverse DNS (PTR)
Install SPF