CIB ATM Deposit with out a card

Without a card, go to the nearest ATM, follow the following steps:

Click here for services without a card (i.e. payment without visa card)

Enter the number, then check the correctness of the number, then choose the correct number.

Type the mobile number and then choose the correct number

If some papers are rejected, they must be changed and the deposit will be completed.

Deposit by CIB ATM

From the nearest CIB machine without a card

Receive Invoice & Contract

Immediately sends the contract documents

Lauch website and e-mails

Includes remote technical support

Rise Host | Payment Gateway

Other payment methods, cash, check, bank transfer, PayPal online payment

 Cash / Check

Cash / Check ارسال محصل داخل الاسكندرية, مصر

 Paypal Credit Card

Paypal Credit Card


CIB ATM CIB ATM: 100028558206

 CIB Bankware

CIB Bankware CIB Bank: 100036488257

 Crédit Agricole Bankware

Crédit Agricole Bankware Credit Agricole Bank: 100619739

 HSBC Bankware

HSBC Bankware HSBC Bank: 027078294013

 Egypt Post

Egypt Post Egypt Post: 0414910003002818

 Vodafone Cash

Vodafone Cash Vodafone Cash: 010 13 19 5752

 Western Union

Western Union Phone No. 0100 000 1637